Education Matters

I intend to write a series of blogs on education. Why? To inform; provoke and cause to act.

Why? Because education matters. And because I think, live and breathe education.

Because education is about justice (hence the title of the minority report ‘Just Education’ I wrote as Secretariat to a group of cross-party MPs, working from the Prime Minister’s Office).

Because I have something to say on education having worked for over thirty years in teaching (K–12); tertiary education; postgraduate education; research, curriculum design, development and testing; and education policy at the highest levels of government in multiple jurisdictions.

And because I have daughters whom I adore; friends who worry about their children’s education; and because I am conscious of the fact that parents’ top priority (after putting food on the table) is their kids education. Because education keeps me awake at night.

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What will the blogs cover? Parental concerns; early childhood education; K–12; curricula; assessment; personal formation; education and technology; educational apps; school choice; current education debates; teaching and teachers; character.

Will the blogs just reflect an opinion? No. Certainly, the blogs will involve personal reflection and anecdote (stories from my experiences in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia and North America). And they will, at times, take a clear position on an issue. But they will also summarise best evidence and best informed research available (referencing it at the end of each blog for readers to follow-up in their own time).

Education in the widest sense is a thing of great beauty. It is also a matter of goodness. It pertains to who we are as people; who or what we are becoming; and to realising our potential. A good education is a basic human right (Article 26, UDHR).



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